Saturday, September 18, 2004

Airtravel Stupidity

Via Michelle Malkin Should we be more afraid of the terrorist, or the security we have implemented in response to 9/11. A Maryland school teacher was arrested in Tampa because she had in her possession an 8 1/2 inch bookmark with small weighted ends.

Federal officials said they may soon clear a school teacher charged with carrying a concealed weapon -- her weighted bookmark -- into Tampa International Airport.

Kathryn Harrington, 52, of Laurel, Md., was flying home from vacation last month when airport screeners found her bookmark.

They thought the 8½-inch leather strap, with small lead weights at each end, resembled a weapon that could be used to knock people unconscious.

Airport police charged the teacher with carrying a concealed weapon. She was handcuffed and put into a police car.

Earlier this month, state attorneys declined to prosecute the case, but the teacher still faces a federal civil fine of up to $10,000. But a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration said Thursday that the agency isn't likely to seek the fine.

Harrington said she'll never again carry her bookmark into an airport.

Any hope that security measures in our airports would be tempered with common sense and restraint was silly. I can understand not allowing her to carry it on a plane but arrest is pure silliness and classic abuse of authority. Flying is such fun. Is it any wonder why airlines are in such poor fiscal shape. We the public aren't flying because we are scared, but because it has become such a hassle. As long as such silliness exist the airlines are going to be struggling and even disappear 1 by 1.

Northstar has something to say about airport sercurity.


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