Sunday, November 21, 2004

Elena Gives us a History Tour

The folks at No Treason pointed us towards a remarkable young lady who shares her explorations. First she shared in photograph and narative about her motorcycle rides through the desolate area near Chernobyl.


I travel a lot and one of my favorite destinations leads North from Kiev, towards so called Chernobyl "dead zone", which is 130kms from my home. Why my favorite? Because one can take long rides there on empty roads.

The people there all left and nature is blooming. There are beautiful woods and lakes.

In places where roads have not been travelled by trucks or army vehicles, they are in the same condition they were 20 years ago - except for an occasional blade of grass that discovered a crack to spring through. Time does not ruin roads, so they may stay this way until they can be opened to normal traffic again........ a few centuries from now.


Her latest explorations she shares a fascinating look at Kiev's history of defending itself with the aid of a wall built most likely during the early 11th century at the request of King Yaroslav(he built upon the fortification work begun under the reign of Volodymyr Svyatoslavovich in the late 10th century). It includes photos documenting the WWII era bunkers that were built into the existing Serpent's Wall. Through her eyes and narative she takes us on a tour of of tragedy, and courage.  A remarkable young lady, who tells a remarkable story.


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