Sunday, September 25, 2005

Home Sweet Home

We lost our power in Dayton early in the storm at around 9:00 PM. and were without it up until when we left at 10:00 AM this morning. The storm had not wound up to its peak yet, and I was blogless because my internet connection went down.
The Rita increased intensity all through the night, I don't know what the official wind speed was, but I have been through enough huricanes to recognise 80+ mph winds. We had hurricane force winds from about Midnite till around 10:oo am Saturday morning. When we eventually ventured out we saw some damage, but nothing widespread. Lots of broken branches, a couple of shattered storefront windows, a few torn up sheds and metal canopys. Although the whole town of Dayton was without power the damage was scattered and mostly minimal. A good sign. We listened to the reports as they came in Saturday. The first reports were of the three buildings that were on fire near the Strand. It was good news to us, because Galveston Fire Department was able to fight it. This meant to me that maybe the storm wasn't going to be as horrific as it might have been.

Reports later indicated that I was correct in being optimistic The Storm veared off to the East and we were on the cleaner side. Although Mayor Thomas banned people from coming into the Island, They did announce that they are opening it Sunday morning as 6:00 AM. We called our home and the answering machine dutifully answered. This meant we not only had a phone, but we had electricity in Galveston.

So we stuck it out all day Saturday with no electricty. It was hot, without the AC, but we had pleny of food and warm water. Our electronic marvels helped entertain us and kept us comfortable. A Grundig D cell powered radio kept us informed. A battery powered DVD player entertained us with a movie. My little batteryless windup flashlight guided our way through the dark after our traditional flashlights failed. The only comfort we were really missing was hot food and air conditioning. Last night was pretty uncomfortable.

The storm had kept us awake most of the night before so we were pretty tired. Last night we tried to sleep but it was very warm. We kept the door open a crack, but couldn't open it all the way because of the cat. We packed throughout the night for our trip home. We took our time in the morning packing up the car and left by 10:00 AM. We noticed on the way out some downed trees and electric lines. As we pulled into Baytown we saw electric on, some businesses opened even some gas stations opened. I checked in at the shop dropped off the backup drives and engineering computer. We started the last leg home. LaPorte, Seabrook and Texas City looked pretty good. I noticed that the tide was still a couple feet higher than a normal high tide but I didn't see any extensive damage. Just the occassional ripped out canopy and downed palm tree. As I pulled into Galveston I found the occasional dockside bait shop torn up, and a covered dock that was shredded, but all and all the damage wasn't widespread.

We got home and found very little damage. Ruok's back window on here Jeep was blown out, and some of the plants were pretty banged up. The only structual damage so far was a fence board that came loose, My fault I tied a plumeria to it for support.

Coco is glad to be home, and I've got a lot of cleanup to do. I'm feeling pretty good today about it. Even thogh we dodged the bullet on this one, I still will get out of town again if a Cat 5 looks like its aimed this way. I don't ever want to take chances with the full force of one of them.


On 9/25/2005 08:41:00 PM, Anonymous CCNIII said...

So very glad to hear you and yours are safe at home again.
—Lil Bro

On 9/25/2005 11:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you made to there and back, Lib! Shortly, soon, we must meet up at the Balinese for smoke and drink or three...


On 9/26/2005 01:00:00 AM, Anonymous Elsa said...


Great to hear that you managed to go back and found everything in rather good shape.

To be home is very important I think, freedom is a very important thing, but I think one should always have a place to go back to.

By the way, it felt all the time very strange that here in Holland, although we have always wind blowing or storm, it was totally windstill the whole week.

Since today it is as usual again...



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