Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Google makes Taiwan a Red China Province

Google maps now show Taiwan as province of China. I'm sure the Red Communist leaders of one our most favored trading nations appreciates this. I would think that the people in Taiwan are feeling a let down. Google has built itself on good will, but this latest action spells sellout. This is the latest bend to pressure from the Chinese by a large American Corporation. Yahoo turned in a disident to the Communist regime just a couple of days ago. The promise to the American people when we opened up trade to China was that it would open communications with China and help bring a free and more democratic sociaty. Its looking like we are more like coconspirators to the repression and eventual take over of Taiwan. The BBC has a report on this:
Taiwan has asked the internet search engine Google to stop referring to the island as a province of China on its map web site.

The foreign ministry is demanding a correction, saying it has had no response to an earlier call for an amendment nearly a month ago.

Legislators from the pro-independence Taiwan Solidarity Union are urging the public to e-mail Google in protest.

They want the company to refer to Taiwan as an independent state.

Such a move which would provoke China, which considers Taiwan as part of its territory.

Legislators say they have been inundated with telephone calls from the public and say they may announce further steps this week if they do not get a correction from Google.

The politicians say many international media companies, eager to expand their presence in the Chinese market, are succumbing to pressure from Beijing.

Last month another internet search engine, Yahoo, was accused by the media watchdog, Reporters without Borders, of behaving as a Chinese police informant in order to further its business ambitions.

The media group said the company had provided the Chinese authorities with information that led to the jailing of a journalist charged with divulging state secrets.

A Yahoo spokeswoman said it had to abide by local laws.


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