Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Melt Down

Everyone agrees that something needs to be done about the illegal immigration issue. The problem is that the folks in Washington don't understand it as we see it. While President Bush claims to be a Texan he is listening to the the Washington policy wonks congress critters instead of core conservatives who put him into office. Does anyone have any doubts anymore about a supposedly Republican that throws his Support behind the likes of Nancy Pellosi and Teddy Kennedy. ( Ever wonder what makes A San Fransisco Congressman and a Cape Cod Senator experts on border security) While Bush ignores advice from Conservative Spokesman) such as Rush Limbaugh, Fred Thompson, Sean Hannity, "Greg from "Rhymes with Right" , and even the two Texas Republican Senators are opposed:

Still, one of Bush's Republican allies in the Senate said momentum is building against immigration legislation. Senator John Cornyn of Texas cited fellow Texan Kay Bailey Hutchinson, as well as Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson of Georgia as examples of Republicans who might have supported the measure and are now opposed.

``We're beginning to see some of the people that would have ordinarily voted to proceed with the bill to say, `Hey, this process is not fair, it's not transparent,''' Cornyn said in an interview on Bloomberg Television's ``Political Capital with Al Hunt.'' ``The way this bill has come up has caused it some serious problems.''

Greg thinks there is victory in the Bush defeat.

So this time American citizens win and border-jumping immigration criminals -- and the craven politicians who support them -- lose.

Now it is time for some real immigration reform.

Build the fence/wall IMMEDIATELY. Set up a working system to verify legal status of every employee -- if VISA and MasterCard can verify the validity of my credit card in a matter of seconds, the US government should be able to do the same with regard to eligibility to work. Impose meaningful fines upon those who knowingly hire illegals -- and follow up with prison sentences for repeat offenders.

We are still closer to any solution than we were before the bill came up. It is still the same old Status Quo. There are still folks here illegally and our borders are still wide open for any drug smuggler or terrorist to walk across. In the meantime Glenn Reynolds offers some free advice in case the issue comes up again.

My advice for next time:

(1) Make the process open, transparent, and timely, with hearings, drafts on the Internet, and no last-minute bills that no one has read;

(2) Earn people's trust, don't demand it, and treat enforcement like it matters;

(3) Respect people who follow the law, and make legal immigration easier, cheaper, and simpler, rather than the Kafkaesque nightmare it is now;

(4) Don't feel you have to be "comprehensive" -- address the problems you can deal with first. The trust needed to deal with other problems will come later, after you've shown some success and some good faith.

Sounds good to me.



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