Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pink Dolphins

There have been reports about a pink dolphin seen off of Boliver Peninsular around the net for a couple of days these pictures have surfaced. Unfortunately Snopes has documented these exact photos taken on Lake Charles. However in a story in the Galveston Daily News which identifys the photos with Lake Charles. A commenter claims there are photos of the real Galveston pink dolphin somewhere.

We do have a "pink" dolphin on the Island. Photos were taken on Saturday of one, in the vicinity of Seawall and the Flagship. It did not look like the one in the photo that your paper ran though. It is a lighter pink, with some very light gray on his fins/tail. He/she was much prettier than the all pink one shown.
— By Mrs Durisseau

Hopefully the photos will show up.


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