Sunday, January 13, 2008

Charles Cotton is Running

Not every election is about getting a nice government office. One important election every year involves the Board of Directors for the NRA. every year 25 of the 75 Director slots come up for election. Now I'm not a huge fan of the NRA, but Charles is a leader in getting aggressive towards advancing our rights and anyone who has ever met him understands he is not one to settle for half of a right. Although he is supportive of the NRA and TSRA of their candidate rating system, I believe he will make his voice heard in ensuring Libertarians are treated more fairly in the future.

Charles is involved in the TSRA the NRA's Texas legislative branch. Because of Charles the TSRA is one of the most influential state lobbyist organizations in the country. Every year since 1995 Texas has improved the rights of gun owners in Texas. In 1995 The Texas Legislature passed the Texas Concealed carry law. John Cotton had a lot to do with this, he tells a story of how he celebrated when he got his piece of plastic known as the CHL.
When my first CHL came in the mail (early 1996), I was working late at the office after having been in court all day for several days. When I got home, I opened the envelope, stared at the CHL for several seconds, changed into my jeans, and put my gun on. I put a coat over it (it wasn't cold at all), then headed out the front door.

My wife asked where I was going and I told her I was going to stand in the middle of the street. She looked at me like I was crazy and asked why. I said, "because I can, for the first time in over 120 years!" At that time, it had been a 16 year fight for me and I felt I had earned those 60 seconds in the street. Sometimes a little self-indulgence is understandable.
I know of several CHLers who have repeated whats now known as the "Cotton Stand" Maybe it sounds silly on the 4th of July ever since I heard him tell the story I too will stand in the middle of my cul d'sac, and consider the progress we've made.

Charles didn't stop after his victory in 1995, he has continued to push for better and fairer treatment for gun owners, he has authored and pushed through many of laws and and protected us from losing ground.

Charles isn't just a lobbiest, he is a instructor of the highest caliber, his devotion to safety and the right to defend ones self drives Charles, his energy seems unending. Anyone who is fortunate enough to been through one of Charles class has learned from the very best. Charles has spent a lot of effort in getting women involved in arming themselves and learning to protect themselves.
Charles is a tireless worker and is pushing the cause. Some of the national things he is personally involved with is to allow state laws to determine carry status in Federal Parks, Charles is also active in the Supreme Court Heller vs D.C case, Charles is a winner and I predict good things in the next few Months. But Charles is concerned.
Gun owners have enjoyed tremendous success at the polls for several years, but the 2008 Presidential Election has correctly been described as the "most wide-open in over 50 years." The very real prospect of returning an anti-gun Clinton to the White House has implications even more ominous than the 1994 passage of the Clinton gun-ban, also known as the "assault weapons" ban. Added to this threat is the Democratic Party's control of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Clearly, the battle to defend our Second Amendments rights is far from over. Since suffering stunning defeats at the polls in 2000 and 2004, anti-freedom groups like the Violence Policy Center, Sara Brady and their ilk have focused on state legislatures. They are hardly content to accept the demise of the so-called "assault weapons" ban and are introducing even more menacing legislation in several states. These same forces are also working hard to elect Senator Hillary Clinton, confident that she will remember them as her "friends." Under President Bush's direction, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton lead a successful fight against anti-gun forces within the United Nations and against George Soros' puppet Rebecca Peters, all of whom were trying to do with a UN treaty what the anti-gun forces have been unable to do in the Legislature. Unfortunately, the U.N. small arms treaty is like a summer cold, it always seems to come back. If Hillary is in the White House and Democrats like Senators Schumer and Feinstein continue to enjoy a majority in the Senate, a devastating U.N. smalls arms treaty is a very real possibility.
Charles makes a painful point, and a strong tough NRA is needed more than ever. Charles is the man they need, he knows how to win. Those who have the opportunity to vote this February should remember Charles Cotton. Charles isn't about settling for anything less the the full right of Americans to keep and bare arms. Those who vote should remember that 1 or 2 selections is a more powerful vote than to select the 25 that you are entitled to.


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