Thursday, March 20, 2008

Progress Continues with OpenOffice.Org

It looks like Version 2.4 will be released next week around March 28th. 2.4 will have some of the enhancements we are looking at for 3.0 Which should be out around September. The Ninja has a preview of 3.0 I have been using almost exclusively these days. One of the main reasons is because oft he ability to create PDF files. The ability of 3.0 to edit and perhaps import them is a real reason to look forward to it. another new feature that I find pretty exciting is notes. Attaching notes to a document furthers the potential of collaboration.

Although it was mentioned last year that OpenOffice 3.0 will contain a an Outlook Substitute. Rumor has it that this will be Thunderbird and Lightning, I although I use Thunderbird, I cant see any real benifit to merging the 3 programs they are available seperatly, and unless there is some real tight intigration adding them to the package is simply bloat.

OpenOffice isn't just good Free Software. It is a good Office suite. A good suite that has cababilities beyond what Microsoft has to offer.



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