Friday, November 06, 2009

A Heroine in Fort Hood

While the media hasn't had much to say about the massacre at Fort Hood, except to try to explain why it wasn't a muslim terroristic attack. While it seems pretty clear that the shooter undeniably caused terror, and certainly was a muslim who yelled out Allah Akabar, as he mowed down over 40 people. The media also doesn't seem to pay much notice to the real story of a young lady who stopped the attack even after she had been shot. Sergeant Kimberly Munley, a civilian police officer stationed at the base undoubtably saved many lives while put hers in serious jeopardy.

Sergeant Munley managed to hit Major Hasan four times but was herself hit by a bullet that passed through both her legs, according to witnesses.

Colonel John Rossi, briefing reporters at Fort Hood this morning, said that Major Hasan's victims, who were killed in a part of the base used to process soldiers for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, had all been unarmed. Sergeant Munley had been the first armed person on the scene and had immediately taken him on.

"Her efforts were superb," he said.

Colonel Steven Braverman, commander of the base hospital and Major Hasan's supervisor, said that Sergeant Munley was in a stable condition in a nearby community hospital.

It's worth noting that the normal media hasn't found the story note worthy, They rather report on the cowardly actions of Hasan, than to report on the lady that stopped him.


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