Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ubuntu and the Karmic Koala

Ubuntu has a new release out 9.10 or the Karmic Koala. It may very well be worth considering for a lot of folks.

Some of the OS upgrade is about hardware sto askupport. Other enhancements may be about increasing performance. The new Ubuntu 9.10 release provides better better support for hardware, better Intel video graphics support and audio in particular. Some features that are getting lots of attention seem kind of lame to me. Ubuntu One is about off line data syncing. I prefer dropbox because it universally works with most Linux installs as well as Windows and Mac platforms. Ubuntu One does have syncing with their notes program and I think the address book of Evolution the email program.

Most people use their computers for a few Basic Functions.
Web Surfing, Email, Media and Playing silly games. So far I find that Ubunto provides the solutions for these better than or as well as Windows does. All without Purchasing any software. There is no point any more about which is best Windows or Linux. The question to ask today is "Do I need windows/Apple for this computer?"

There are those of us who need to run special software such as Autocad, or specific hardware that just doesn't have Linux support. But many of us also have computers that will run better, faster and for less money than for what Bill Gates or Steve Jobs has to offer.


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