Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Explosion at Bayport

On the way to work on HWY 146, I heard an explosion looked up and saw a giant plume of smoke.

A large plant explosion near Seabrook early this morning sent a gigantic plume of smoke billowing into the air. No serious injuries have been reported.

The explosion occurred at an American Acryl facility at 11600 Port Road near old Texas 146 about 8:50 a.m., according to the Seabrook Police Department. A short section of Texas 146 near the blast site was closed in both directions, as is Port Road.

An hour later, firefighters appeared to have the fire out, and no smoke was visible from the charred wreckage at the plant.

I snapped a picture from the overpass at Port RD. Seabrook police for some reason blocked 146, compounding the incident with a traffic jam. I don't understand why any time these things happen the first thing the police think of is to block the road. There was no smoke on the streets in Seabrook.
The good new is no one was killed, no serious inguries, and the fire was out in about an hour.


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