Saturday, February 13, 2010

Visio SV472XVT Review.

We lost almost all our stuff with hurricane Ike,, and its taken some time to replace our livingroom/familyroom TV. We decided we wanted an LED/LCD TV. These sets promise to longer lasting with contrast comparable to the Plasma sets. We wanted big, and we wanted network capable.

We decided on the Visio SV472XVT Its 47 inch size was a trade off for us between availability and budget. and getting all the features we wanted. It turns out that the 47 inch size is plenty big enough for the room it is in These flat screens always seem smaller in the stores than they do at home. The Visio had Internet apps that included Netflix. They also claimed to have Facebook and Pandora apps.

When the set was initially turned on we were taken through a setup wizard. The process was easy and while it took a while for the set to scan and find all the channels on our cable system it was done all automatically.

We set the TV against a wall directly opposed to the our large glass double doors. We haven't replaced the blinds yet on it so there is a lot daylight shinning directly on the the TV. The TV holds up pretty well under all that reflective glare although noticible it is still quite watchable. The sound typically on Visio sets is quite good right out the box, this box is no exception, however,like most HDTVs this one will benefit with the addition of an external home theater sound system.

The picture on this thing is incredible. Blackest blacks bright and ever so sharp. The set does an very good job of standard 480sd analog stations too. We don't have a blue-ray for this yet, but Broadcast quality HD is oustanding and where the Visio really shines.
the "N" wireless Netflix streams in flawlessly even though the set is pretty far away from our router. We were disappointed though that Pandora wasn't included in the apps selection.

This set has it all, Network capable, zoned LED backlighting and Great picture, and Visio value.

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On 4/05/2010 12:48:00 PM, Blogger Da Babe said...

Hmmmm.....and how does it work with a Wii? I anxiously await the update!


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